Remembering Names

Good with faces, bad with names?

What was that name? – Workshop

Are you bad with Names? Do you have team members that are bad with names? NOT ANYMORE!!

Imagine if you and your team would have the ability to shake anyone’s hand and remember their name on command at any time or date or location.

Dewayne opens his stage magic show by shaking everyone hand in attendance (100 people or less), then he has everyone stand up and calls each face by name as they sit down..

This is cutting edge training and a big secret finally revealed. During this workshop you and the attendees learn the quickest and most reliable way to the exercise. No gimmick, or silly nursery rythems, but a true way to remember important people or propects names and key information without a smartphone.

Presentation Length: 60 minutes
Can also be taught virtually!

Investment: $200 per person, travel expense may be added. (10 attendees or more qualify for the bulk pricing plan, contact for details)

Key Outcomes and Takeaways:

  • Why do you need to remember?

  • Why was it hard to remember before the workshop?

  • Things you don’t know about the brain

  • How to actually do it?

  • How does this help you?

  • Lets take it to the next level

  • How to apply this to figures, reports, phone numbers and other key information..

  • and Lastly- FREAK PEOPLE OUT with this!!!