Motivational Speaking

#1 Leadership Magician

Motivational Speaker and Enter-“Trainer”

Dewayne Hill is a truly dynamic speaker. Dewayne has created a presentation called “Magic with a Message” It incorporates magic, laughter, with team building and motivation. Dewayne also will make necessary announcements connected with the event and introduce other stage speakers or entertainers and serve an EMCEE for your event.

During The Motivational Message, Dewayne does intense coverage of the 4 key growth indicators and takes 5 Key Leadership Tactics from John Maxwell and others, and presents them in a Fun yet motivating way.

With This Presentation Your Audience will Gain Insight and Motivation on:

  • Self Empowerment
  • Achieving Goals and Outcomes
  • Improving in Sales
  • Outstanding Customer Service
  • The Core Presentation is presented over 35 to 45 minutes

Then You As An Executive OR Your Executive Team  Can Choose up to 4 Additional Points to Cover:

  • Success is a Habit and How to Build it
  • How to Be More Creative During Meetings
  • Problem Solviing and How To Think About It
  • Building Each Other Up and The Team
  • What Motivates You and Your Team?
  • The Top 3 Things That Will Guarantee Sale Goals Achievement
  • Reach and Close More Prospects
  • How To Listen and What to Listen To
  • Clone the Habits and actions of the Successful.

Total Program Length: 60 to 80 minutes


Packages Start: $1,800 to $15,000


Christian Motivational Speaking

 8 to 12 Bible Versus are Shown and pointed out and shown to be some of the best business guidance that every existed.

This Motivational Message is best served for:

  • FellowShip of C A
  • Christian Chamber of Commerces
  • Faith Based Family Business
  • Christian Leadership Executives

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